24 tips: Align the stomach within 24 hours

Bloated stomach is a problem that every woman faces, especially at the end of the day. If you want to quickly solve this problem, and to look and feel at your best during the holidays, follow these 24 tips that will help you flatten the stomach in just 24 hours.
24 tips: Align the stomach within 24 hours
1. Start the day with ginger tea. It will speed up digestion and reduce bloating.
2. Instead of the standard breakfast, make an omelet of egg whites.
3. Eat a banana. Bananas are packed with potassium, which regulates the retention of fluids in the body.
4. For a particular period discard onions, chard, corn, cabbage, spinach and cauliflower from the diet. They are very healthy, but also cause bloating.
5. Forget about chewing gum. By chewing you enter air which unnecessarily fill up the stomach.
6. Avoid sweets and chocolates that contain energy crops and artificial sweeteners.
7. Enjoy dishes that contain parsley, because it is a strong diuretic and an excellent regulator of digestion.
8. Enjoy dark chocolate that contain 70% cocoa.
9. From the morning and throughout the day, eat several small meals every 3 to 4 hours. It will stimulate digestion.
10. Eat slowly. This will bring less air, and good chewed food will quickly digest.
11. Replace juices with with lemon water. Drink plenty of water because lemon is a strong diuretic, and hydration accelerates metabolism.
12. Avoid drinking from a straw, because in that way you enter more air.
13. Avoid sweets and fizzy drinks. Bubbles and sugar are the worst combination for your stomach.
14. Replace the white bread and pasta with bread and pasta from whole grains because they are rich in fiber that are essential to digestion.
15. Avoid oily foods because it is harder to digest.
16. Avoid alcohol, at least until the party because he can upset the intestinal flora and cause flatulence.
17. Find time for 15-minute walk. This will speed up your metabolism.
18. During the day, go and have another tea of ginger and cinnamon.
19. Skip the milk and cheese because they can cause bloating, especially among the elderly.
20. Drink probiotic which is full of good bacteria that regulate digestion.
21. A day earlier, skip the dinner or let it be sooner and very easy.
22. Take a bath of 270 grams bitter salt. Magnesium of bitter salt stimulates sweating through which spill excess fluid from the body.
23. Avoid over salty foods. Salt retains water in the body.
24. If you are hungry, nibble some almonds. They do not cause flatulence and will saturate you