During the final weeks of the presidential election campaign, President Barack Obama hit the trail pretty hard in support of Hillary Clinton, and he even took great pains to point out that a failure to vote for Clinton would be a referendum on his legacy. The voters have spoken. Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States, but the current president has quickly changed his tune.

As the Independent Journal Review reports, he’s now taking those same great pains to point out his achievements. President Obama held a press conference prior to departing on his foreign relations trip to Europe, and he made it a point to tout the legacy he was so worried about while on the campaign trail.

“I am very proud of the fact that we will, knock on wood, leave this administration without significant scandal,” he said.

Numerous users on social media hold a vastly different opinion on whether that’s the case or not, and they have been equally forthcoming with their opinions on that statement.

“Obama says administration ends without scandal. The email scandal at the State Department is the primary reason Trump will be president,” tweeted one user.

“I guess the MSM never reminds him of the Fast & Furious and IRS scandals, to name just two, so he plumb forgot. Delusional,” shared another.

Source: IJ Review